This contemplative nature experience at twilight never grows tired. It's a cornerstone of my mindful meditation practice and always seems to reward people who join me, regardless of their experience of meditation or nature.

It's one of the best ways I know to move from contact with nature to a deeper connection through contemplative engagement and present moment awareness.

The session is fully guided, with opportunity to practice in a group, followed by a period of silent contemplation with opportunity to find your own space and privacy to immerse yourself in the experience - a wonderful opportunity to experience being alone in the dark, with the safety of others nearby.

Twilight has long been considered a magical time, 'the witching hour', as the sun moves below the horizon until its rays are no longer visible. At the equator this process may last 20 minutes and at the poles it can last 2-3 weeks. In the UK this process might take an hour - but how often do we allow that amount of time to experience this gradual process of twilight losing itself into the night. 

We are often keen to hurry through any process of change, eager for the next phase, oblivious of what the process of change has to offer of itself. Resting in the present moment, welcoming the changes around us can open us to new experiences - and if you're lucky a glimpse of a deer slipping through the gloam.

Behold Dawn / Behold Dusk