Writing and talking

Photo Credit: Pete Massey

I write lots of things about nature, creativity and wellbeing for all kinds of different reasons (proposals, articles, social media, reports, field notebooks) - to the extent that I don't want to spend any more time looking at a screen. It's just self defeating (and ridiculous) to dedicate my work to encouraging people to connect with nature and spend most of my time doing the opposite.

So I'm experimenting with making little videos when I'm out and about. I'm not naturally comfortable in front of a camera and I'm generally better at writing than talking - but I do want to continue to share ideas about nature connectedness so I'm giving it a go. Let me know what you think!

And if you'd really rather read than listen, here's a link to something I wrote last month for Dr Miles Richardson at University of Derby. If you don't follow his blog, I highly recommend it. Lots of great information about current research in the benefits of nature connectedness.


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