From Distancing to Embracing

Here are a few bits of news and info that might help you through the next few weeks. There's a beautiful glow of spring light at the end of the tunnel, but we're not quite there yet. I wonder whether we are all now so accustomed to feeling the distance - from each other, from the sun, from our old lives - we might need a bit of support to embrace and welcome new forms of connection and relationship. Here are a couple of offerings to ease you into the next phase...

I've launched a new podcast, Listen Hear. Each episode is in three sections, starting with an interview with someone who has specialist knowledge or a particular relationship with nature - it might be a botanist, an artist, medical herbalist, a pagan or folklorist. We then invite you to go out on a walk and take part in a guided activity. Finally the podcast ends with a guided meditation to integrate the experience. Six episodes are commissioned by the National Forest Company in the midlands and others have a wider focus. I hope you enjoy it.

If videos are more your thing, I've continued to add to my Nature Connection playlist with videos from my local patch of woodland, exploring ways to connect with nature for wellbeing.

If you're over 55 and finding Covid-19 challenging, you might be interested in some online workshops. I've been commissioned by City Arts in Nottingham to lead four sessions, introducing four techniques to connect with nature. Book your place here

Finally, you might enjoy tuning in to the confidence and energy of spring by 'Noticing all the things that are opening'. This is one of the invitations in my Other Ways to Walk in Formal Parks cards and is the perfect time of year to give it a go. If you need some tips to get you started, check out the Guest Blog I wrote for Welcome to Yorkshire as part of their Walkshire campaign.

Whatever you do, I really hope you enjoy that tingle of happiness at the sight of spring buds or when you turn your face to the sun for the first time this year.

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