Take a breath

I'm really enjoying that sweetly painful anticipation of autumn that starts to creep in at the end of August. Autumnal colours are creeping into the landscape, the evening chill leads me to draw a blanket around me, and there's a quiet acceptance that the cycle continues and summer gives way to autumn.

Sitting under an oak, savouring the last rays of sun forgotten experiences stir in my memory. The enigma of time.

The droning sound of the tractor ebbing and flowing as travels to and fro in the next field. The birds are silent and animals and insects are all making their preparations for winter. The woods will gradually become more still as they follow the inevitable cycle of the seasons, preparing for the new life that will emerge in the spring.

I'm already anticipating my autumn woodland retreat on the quarter festival between the equinox and the solstice, a point of balance - looking forward to that feeling of belonging, warmth and friendliness of being 'alone with others' in meditation in the woods.

#oak #nature #forestbathing #wellbeing #connectedness

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