Agony and Flight

I have been prevented from walking for 6 weeks, due to a ridiculously painful and inconvenient dental misfortune. I'll spare the details, except to say it included surgical extraction, dry socket, exposed bone and nerve, infection, infection, further surgery and a fainting dental nurse.

So my connection to nature has been limited to necessary excursions at work when fully dosed with foggy painkillers (admittedly a beautiful, historic landscape with internationally significant sculptures - Yorkshire Sculpture Park) - and staring out of the window at home.

Window staring has been quite rewarding - fast changing skies, shooting stars, bats circling up to the window, butterflies, moths, insects and birds. Somehow these creatures of flight with their impossible ability to take off and leave the earth helped lift me from the incessant pain in my jaw - which as everyone felt compelled to tell me, is the worst sort of pain because it's in your very being and you can't escape it. It turns out you can escape - for very brief moments and flights of fancy, lost in the crazy flittering of a red admiral, the dozy bouncing of a bumble bee on the lavender or the flick of a birds wing in the ivy.

I didn't expect to enjoy this at such close quarters until our cat kindly presented us with a startled but otherwise unharmed Long Tailed Tit. Here it is perched on the light, appraising it's new surroundings and wondering what to make of the fake budgie (no birds were harmed in the making of this bird). I caught it in a tea towel, and had a brief and beautiful moment before letting it take flight to find it's family.

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