Beguiled and demoralised by the charms of the pleasure of the moment

I found this phrase when I was reading a translation of lorem ipsum. I love the idea of feeling simultaneously beguiled and demoralised by the pleasure of the moment. Lives are made of moments, all of them fleeting and changing and certainly in my case there are many contradictory forces in every experience.

I've walked miles today. Just keep moving, a continuous effort of body and flow of mind and emotions, like the shadows of clouds sweeping over the opposite hillside.

I was reading lorem ipsum because I'm inventing some latin titles for some of the phrases on my Other Ways to Walk cards. If it works and I like the idea they might appear on plant ID signs in parks - more about that soon. In the meantime it means I've got to test the idea by getting some people to play about in the park with me. Maybe we'll all be beguiled and demoralised by the end of it.

Here's a picture of a Cinnabar moth that gave up on life before it made it out of the chrysalis. There were many more of them breeding on groundsel and ragweed. Beguiled and demoralised...

#cinnabarmoth #ragwort #clouds #PlantIDSigns #summer

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