Wandering and Wondering

Body : sinuses loaded with snot, legs heavy

Mood : Happy to be out in the woods

Weather : chill wind, grey clouds looming

Mind wanderings : I wonder what's happened to the peregrine that haunted the telegraph pole last Spring and Summer?

A solitary chiff chaff reminds me of the endless throng of them escorting us along our walk near Scarborough, flitting along low branches so close we could see the glint in their eye

Watching a great tit clinging onto a branch with it's wings a blur of movement - I wonder if it's a female fluttering her wings in courtship as it is shortly followed by another bird - I wonder how many times I am actually right when I make guesses about whatever I'm observing


The badger track across the field is almost invisible now. I love knowing where it is even when it's hard to discern

The rowan is almost in flower, and the honesty is vivid colour.

#spring #chiffchaff #buds

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