Skylark and Cuckoopint and friendship

North coast near Scarborough 

Bright sun, coastal breeze

Meandering with friends taking in spring. 

Engorged buds splitting open almost painful to look at,  individual wood anemone flowers nodding in the breeze, a flock of yellowhammers, uncountable numbers of chifchaf almost within reach, raucous rooks, empty egg shells, badger latrines, a pint of beer, several dead and rotten rabbit corpses, smiling dog walkers, companionship that fits like a favourite cosy top, a tarp shelter in pine forest, horizons, hollows, fences, fields, dogs in the distance, fluid sense of it me, smells of nettles and violets that didn't smell when our noses were chilly and damp - or when they were warm and dry. 

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