Grumpy stomping and badger tracking

This walk started out in grumpy, angry at the world stomping up the lane, because every so often that is just how I feel. Stopped dead in my tracks by a robin singing like it's life depended on it I begrudgingly started to let the world work some magic on me. Sitting with my back against a tree I could almost hear the sap rising - or maybe it was the damp earth soaking into the back of my legs. None of the buds have split open yet, but it feels like I could turn my back and miss it.

I found some more of the sycamore shoots spiralling out of their cases and got drawn into the labyrinth lines. Once settled back into equilibrium I picked up the track of a badger and pieced together the route in search of fresh signs of badger activity - and I found a badger of sorts, although it's a long time since it was active. A muddy skull, with jaw bone and teeth intact waiting for me to discover it. Treasure.

#badger #tracking #fieldcraft #spring

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