Cannon Hall Natural Wellbeing Project

Cannon Hall Natural Wellbeing project was based on the premise that connecting with nature is beneficial for health and wellbeing and encourages pro-nature behaviours. Barnsley Museums were curious to understand more about how current visitors engage with the park, whether they related their visits to any improved sense of wellbeing and whether other visitors could benefit from the parkland.

I led creative games, conversations and activities with local communities, explored favourite areas of the park and chatted with visitors and staff (see Interim Project Report for more info)


After lots of experiments and pilot versions I developed a nature connection game made from folded paper. You'll probably remember making them as a child, when it might have been know as a Fortune Teller, Chatterbox, or Salt 'n' Pepper pot.


This version involves a series of open ended invitations to explore the park in surprising and fun ways, hopefully noticing something new along the way. The activities are all informed by research from University of Derby, inspired by the Five Ways to Nature Connection. It is designed to suit all abilities - you could complete all the invitations in a space of a few metres or take it on a 10 mile hike.


It was launched at Cannon Hall Pear Day Event and is now available for visitors from the Information Centre - a popular addition to many visitors walk. 

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