Paradox of winter

The soundscape today is a backdrop of prickly dry crispy rustling noises. Every shade of russet in the dying undergrowth, interlaced with green threads of bramble, bilberry and moss. Constellations of rain on the leaves, each one a miniature world. The paradox of winter, as dying leaves cling where new buds are already formed. Noticing this tendency in myself, clinging to ideas of what I want next - noticing the lightness and fragility of dying leaves, floating to the ground, abandoned to the whims of the breeze.

Lacework Shadows

Warm sun beams dazzling single strands of cobweb, glittering in the breeze. There’s an air of calm acceptance to the autumn Woodland today. #connectedness #woodland #wellbeing #walking #shadows #cobweb #nature

A look back

A few memories of all the lovely things I worked on over the summer. I feel so lucky to work with such brilliant people - thanks to Woodland Trust Smithills Estate, Timber Festival, Musicport on the Moors, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Cliffe House, Cannock Chase Museum and Labyrinths of Sheffield for Festival of the Mind - it’s been a blast! Now I’m ready to welcome the change of pace with the turning of the year and darker nights.

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